Digital/Giclee and early Image Transfers on Canvas

On more than one occasion we have received phone calls or emails from parties claiming to own original Ferris art. Sometimes they are correct, but more often than not, they own unauthorized digital or earlier image transfers onto canvas made by unethical individuals from lithographic prints. Invariably these are much smaller than the actual originals which often, in fact, are part of the Air Force Art Collection or owned by an individual. The fraudulent copies often exhibit brush strokes applied in a clear acrylic medium to fool the public.

We have on occasion created a specified number of digital canvases for client presentation in addition to signed and numbered limited edition prints on paper. I sign canvas reproductions in Gold Marker Pen, often with personalized message, on top of UV protective coating to differentiate these from original art. These digital canvases are referenced in the print Certificate of Authenticity.

Collectors must be very careful when purchasing original art on the secondary market.