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The Clipper Arrives in Paradise
Original Painting by Keith Ferris
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28” x 42”
Oil on canvas
Martin M-130 China Clipper

The Martin M-130 China Clipper pays a visit to Maui in the Hawaiian Islands in the mid 1930s.

The big 130 foot wingspan Martin Clippers began regular cross-Pacific mail services with Pan American in November 1935, and passenger services in October,1936, flying from San Francisco Bay to Manila and eventually Hong Kong with stops in Hawaii, Midway, Wake Island and Guam for rest and refueling. The one-way fare to Honolulu was $278 from San Francisco and $950 to Hong Kong. Flying boats pioneered the long over-water flights because of the scarcity of flying fields around the world. The Martins were succeeded by the huge Boeing 314 Clippers, as World War II became imminent.
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