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Keith Ferris Aviation Art US Navy, Early Aviation

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Navair Rising, Un-stretched Giclee digital canvas, 18 x 24 image, L/E 30

Signed and numbered by the artist

Curtiss A-1 Triad
Naval Aviator Number 1 flies Naval Aircraft Number 1

Symbolizing the rise of Naval Aviation, Naval aviator #1, Lieutenant Theodore “Spuds” Ellyson, is seen flying Naval Aircraft #1, the Curtiss A-1, as he crosses the Silver Strand below historic Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, California in August of 1911. The A-1 was a military development of the first seaplane to fly in this country. With the addition of another first, the retractable landing gear, this first U.S. Naval aircraft became the amphibion “Triad”, the first aircraft able to operate from land, sea or air.

The painting was created in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation in 2011.
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