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Keith Ferris Aviation Art USAF, Modern

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Inspection Party, Lithographic print, 12" x 24", L/E 750
Signed and numbered by the artist

A Military Airlift (now Air Mobility) Command C-141 on the ice at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica in 1988 is being inspected by penguins in their formal attire.

This painting was created for the United States Air Force Art Collection and hangs in the Air Force Headquarters in the Pentagon as a reminder of one of the varied missions performed by the Lockheed C-141 fleet.

I was privileged to participate in a 1988 "ICE MISSION" with the C-141, landing on the ice on McMurdo Sound in support of the National Science Foundation. This was a most exciting mission landing on a runway of ice thick enough to sustain the weight of a heavy C-141. The area's Emperor penguins add considerable character to a very unusual place.
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