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Keith Ferris Aviation Art USAF, Vietnam

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MiG Sweep, Lithographic print, 18 " x 24", open edition
Signed by the artist

In a McDonnell F-4C, Col. Robin Olds is about to roll opposite a North Vietnamese MiG-21's turn and split S into a missile-firing position for the first of his four MiG kills.

On 2 January 1967, Operation Bolo specifically targeted the 15 MiG-21s then serving the North Vietnamese. A force of F-4 Phantoms masquerading as F-105 Thunderchiefs, normally used in the bombing roll, successfully drew the MiGs up to intercept. The 8th Tactical Fighter Wing F-4s shot down seven.

The painting documents the destruction of a MiG-21 by then 8th TFW Commander, Colonel Robin Olds. The viewer can clearly see pilot and back-seater, both wing tips, nose and tail, all control inputs, the empty missile stations from a previous unsuccessful engagement, and the important detail of the F-105 electronic jamming pod carried for this mission.

The greater distances between opponents, characteristic of the modern jet air-to-air combat, are apparent as Robin uses the vertical, rolling opposite and inside the MiG's turn to gain firing position for the first of Robin's four Vietnam War victories.
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