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Keith Ferris Aviation Art US/Russian/Chinese, Korea

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First Swept Wing Encounter, Lithographic print, 18" x 24" open edition

Signed by the artist

Lithographic print out of stock

14 1/2" x 21" Giclee Digital Print available

F-86A, MiG-15
Lt. Col. Bruce Hinton downs a Chinese Air Force MiG-15 in the world's first engagement between swept wing jet fighters.

On December 17, 1950, victorious Lt. Col. Bruce Hinton of the 4th Fighter Interceptor Group is seen closing with burning MiG-15 over the Yalu River during the Korean War. This was the first encounter between the Russian built swept wing jet fighter and the newly arrived American F-86s. Col. Hinton was forced to use his speed brakes to avoid over-shooting as he gets a close look at the MiG. The F-86s were to destroy 792 MiG-15s during the Korean War, for a loss of 78 F-86s in air combat.


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