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Keith Ferris Aviation Art US, World War II

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Circus Outbound, Lithographic print, 19 " x 39", L/E 1000

Signed and numbered by the artist

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Consolidated B-24Ds of the 93rd Bomb Group outbound from England on a mission to Vegesack, Germany.

Colonel Edward Timerblake's 93rd Bomb Group had earned the nickname "Ted's Traveling Circus" through being tasked to fight over France, North Africa and Italy. It now finds itself en route to Vegesack, Germany on March 18, 1943. The Consolidated B-24Ds are seen passing through 21,000 feet as they cross the coast of East Anglia on this successful mission. Returning to North Africa several months later, 15 of the 18 B-24s shown were to be lost in the target area on the famous raid on the Ploesti oil fields, August 1, 1943.

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