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Keith Ferris Aviation Art US, Golden Age

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The Dream Fulfilled, Lithographic print 20" x 30" L/E 750

Signed and numbered by the artist

Wright Flyer
Orville Wright and Lt. Benjamin Foulois round Shuter's Hill, Alexandria, Virginia during the final test flight for the first military aeroplane.

Orville Wright and Lt. Benjamin Foulois round Shuter's Hill in Alexandria, Virginia just before sundown on July 30, 1909, half-way through the final test leading to U.S. purchase of the first military aeroplane. Orville, with Benny Foulois as observer, completed the 10 mile round trip from Fort Myer to Alexandria, Virginia with an average speed of 42.58 mph. The terms of the contract were met and the first government aircraft was procured.

The original of this painting was commissioned by the Air Force Association and donated to the U.S. Air Force Art Collection at the Gathering of Eagles at Las Vegas in 1986.


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